More and more, people all over the planet are turning to online casual gaming.

Your ads can be strategically placed on our popular game website, an excellent way to optimize your target-audience delivery and maximize engagement with your brand.

Advertising on 12PlayGamesOnline has many benefits, including:

  • a safe environment for advertising
  • a wide variety of targeting methods, including country, gender, game-type, etc
  • a much higher than average click-through rate
  • a creative range of advertising solutions (homepage takeovers, gamepage takeover, video units, skinned preroll, etc)
  • a great opportunity to advertise your brand, product or service whilst people are enjoying themselves!
  • a professional staff which helps you with everything you want

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Different kinds advertisement:

  • Banners (different size)
  • Pre Game Banner
  • Adgame
  • Homepage takeovers
  • Gamepage takeovers
  • Skinned preroll